Seminars and Workshops

World-Class Training

Sepler & Associates is on the ground. We conduct fact findings in complex complaints. We help manage intractable conflicts; we facilitate team building and coach leaders who need guidance. Every bit of this work informs our continuously updated training material. What we see in real life one day becomes a generalized teaching opportunity the next.

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Sepler & Associates offers training and educational services in every sector. Custom training is our specialty. We will tailor our well-developed content and expert level information to fit your organization’s needs. The samples provided are just that: examples of work commissioned for particular groups. Our most popular training products include:

  • Respectful Work Environment/Anti-Harassment Training (Including leadership modules).

  • Anti-Bullying Training (including leadership modules).

  • Understanding and Combating Subtle Harassment or Implicit Bias.

  • Understanding and Managing Conflict (including leadership modules).



Sepler & Associates conducts training for human resources professionals and attorneys focused on conducting workplace and Title IX investigations. These range from one day to three day sessions including interview practice, case simulations and report writing modules.


Specialized leadership training includes our proprietary, evidence-based Complaint Handling training for leaders at all levels. This training immediately enhances your organization’s ability to respond to employee complaints and concerns in a manner likely to maintain their engagement, know when to bring the problem to the next level and know when to attempt information resolution. It also includes advice and practice on supervisory documentation – a critical area of need in most organizations.

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