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Organizational Climate & Culture Assessments

Sepler & Associates has been assessing workplace cultures for nearly 30 years. After meeting with the client to understand their goals, particular questions and areas of concern, if any, we build a customized plan to assess climate and culture.

Organizational Climate is the day to day experience of employees and leaders in organization viewed over time. It includes the degree to which an organization focuses on and emphasizes things such as:

  • Information sharing and dissemination

  • Managing change

  • Strategic or tactical orientation

  • Conflict management

  • Change management

  • Learning and development

  • Morale and retention

  • Citizenship behavior

  • Leadership and leadership development

  • Recognition and reward

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Organizational climate is a direct key to organizational performance. When organizations are experiencing challenges, or when they want to up their game, sometimes they need an objective look at what they are doing well, and what needs attention.

To perform a climate assessment, we use a variety of information gathering tactics such as:

  • Individual interviews

  • Informal group gatherings

  • Structured focus groups

  • Shadowing

  • Communication audits

  • Observation of meetings and other organizational gatherings

  • Anonymous keypad technology sessions

  • Review of policies, mission and vision

From these activities, we prepare a thorough report, emphasizing the specific target areas, if any, that have been identified and prepare comprehensive recommendations for the organization to reach its stated goals, improve its climate or, in some cases, to meet emerging business needs. We have performed climate assessments in both union and non-union environments and can work with bargaining units as part of labor-management partnerships.

Organization Climate & Cultural Assessment