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For over 30 years, Sepler & Associates has provided expert services to promote respectful and psychologically safe workplaces.

Strategic & Respectful Approaches to Contemporary Workplace Issues

Founded in 1990 by President Fran Sepler, Sepler & Associates provides services and advice to organizations interested in creating the most respectful workplaces possible.

Our team assists in fact-finding missions when there has been a claim of misconduct, offers coaching and education to prevent or mitigate interpersonal problems, and increases leadership capacity to manage conflict and effectively respond to concerns.

We understand the psychological, organizational, and substantive realities of organizational challenges and partner with organizations to be strategic, proactive, and responsive.

At every level, from the granularity of a single disruptive conflict to long term engagements to facilitate cultural realignment and at every level between, our team is professional, rigorous, discreet, and always client-centered.

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Our Services


We conduct fact findings in complex complaints. We help manage intractable conflicts; we facilitate team building and coach leaders who need guidance. Every bit of this work informs our continuously updated training material.


We prepare a thorough report that emphasizes specific target areas identified, and prepare comprehensive recommendations for your organization to reach stated goals, improve climate, or to meet emerging business needs.


We offer remedial coaching for high value employees and leaders whose actions have raised concerns, focusing on self-awareness through frank feedback and practice with behaviors.


The Fairness Quotient helps us assess the degree to which employee fairness is being nurtured in an organization and provides solid training and information about how to increase fairness.


Fran Sepler has spoken at hundreds of conferences, seminars, and events for myriad different groups. She is a national authority on workplace fact-finding and employee relations matters.


For over thirty years, we have conducted fact-finding for the public and private sectors, plus union and non-union organizations in virtually every sector and throughout the United States.

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Our organization provides speaking and consulting around workplace bullying, innovative approaches to reducing workplace misconduct, workplace fairness and leading for respect. We look forward to helping you in your efforts to build a competent, safe, respectful and fair work environment.