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Sepler & Associates provides a full range of services to help create workplaces that are psychologically safe, actively respectful, and discernibly fair.

From climate and culture assessments for organizations wanting to increase their cultural competence, to fact finding for organizations working to sort out existing issues, Sepler & Associates brings seasoned professionals to your workplace to help leaders understand the problems, strengths, challenges and opportunities to address and prevent problems.

We are a nationwide leader in providing training that not only reduces the likelihood of unlawful conduct and workplace bullying, but also provides participants with skills and tools to speak up, speak out, support one another, and to help supervisors coach individuals whose conduct is not yet a problem, but could be.

Our proprietary material focused on supervisory and HR complaint handling gives supervisors a deep understanding of the reasons people complain, and why they wait to do so, and a solid set of do and don’t protocol for handling complaints with skill and sensitivity.

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Our organization provides speaking and consulting around workplace bullying, innovative approaches to reducing workplace misconduct, workplace fairness and leading for respect. We look forward to helping you in your efforts to build a competent, safe, respectful and fair work environment.