Neutral, Independent, Rigorous.

Fact-Finding Experts

Prompt, thorough, and impartial workplace fact finding can make all of the difference when an employee has complained of misconduct.

Sepler & Associates has over thirty years of experience conducting fact finding in the public and private sectors, union and non-union organizations in virtually every sector and throughout the United States.

We conducts fact finding, specializing in examining allegations of harassment, discrimination and bullying. Our considerable experience extends to investigating claims arising in higher education under Title IX.

Fact findings include interviews, gathering of evidence, and conducting a credibility assessment before making findings of fact. We have conducted hundreds of fact findings as neutrals, and may be called upon to provide testimony about our methodology. Additionally, Fran Sepler, President of Sepler & Associates, is retained as an expert on the quality of workplace investigations and the efficacy of employers’ responses to employee complaints.

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  • Sepler & Associates has conducted hundreds of investigations, and proceeds in the most efficient and effective manner
  • A neutral, effective, expert will conduct an investigation not clouded by prior history, biases or other risks associated with internal investigations
  • Frees up internal resources to be supportive, minimize organizational disruptions, and conduct other important company business

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