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Coaching & Conflict Resolution


Sepler & Associates offers remedial coaching for high value employees and leaders whose behavior has raised concerns. This coaching focuses on behavior and self-awareness, including frank feedback, exercises to gain insight, and practice with new behaviors. Sepler is normally retained by the organization, who is the recipient of her final report.

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  • Preparation of a recommended coaching plan.
    This generally includes a summary of observed current state, desired state and strategy to achieve desired outcomes. It specifies practical work to be done in real time by the coaching subject, reading or other cognitive assignments, and a schedule of periodic meetings to review and make use of the exercises. The coaching subject and coach will generally contract for a limited period of time to monitor progress.

  • Actual work sessions.
    We work together to achieve the objectives outlined in the plan. The subject is responsible for assuring that these sessions are scheduled at prearranged intervals. After two sessions, we evaluate the benefit and progress of the coaching and can contract for up to two more sessions at 2-to-4 week intervals. At that time, the coaching relationship is generally terminated or placed on hiatus. If needed a referral to other resources is provided.

  • Report to the employer.
    We describe all of the above as well as an assessment about the individuals’ commitment to the coaching and its objectives, completion of assignments and assessment of ongoing risk.


Sepler & Associates offers organizations skilled facilitation and mediation of internal conflicts, including facilitated process for parties in specific or generalized conflict; we have worked with entire teams and employee pairs and everything in between to bring about mutual desirable outcomes and more functional workplace behavior.

Coaching & Conflict Resolution