Do you need an outside investigator?

Fran S.

Fran S.

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The table below can help you decide whether you need an outside investigator. Consider all of the dimensions listed, add up the score, and use the guide to help you decide.

Look at the matter

(1 point)

(2 points)

(3 points)

The matter to be investigated is…

Simple, involving two parties and one or two incidents.

Moderate in complexity, involving more than two parties or multiple incidents.

High in complexity, involving multiple parties and multiple incidents, or allegations of hostile environment.

The person(s) accused of misconduct…

Are nonmanagerial and at the same rank as the complainant.

Are middle management and higher in rank than the complainant.

Are senior managers or executives.

The complaints involve…

Inappropriate language, jokes, or simple misconduct.

A combination of inappropriate language and multiple acts of misconduct.

Extreme racial, sexual, or threatening behavior.

The person to do the investigating…

Is extremely experienced and confident.

Has some experience, but is uncertain about the best way to proceed.

Is inexperienced or is in a reporting relationship to a party in the investigation.

Add up your scores…

1-4 Internally manageable

5-9 Consider using outside investigator

10+ Recommend outside investigator


Fran S.

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